Wednesday, February 27, 2019

URI words and pharses project

I think I have finally figured out how to post the URI

This is the one for my project random words and phrases

netart 1st page URI and index webpage

this is the URI for the 1st page of my project

this is the index page of my website

updated image citations URI

Here is the URI for my updated image citations

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Monday, February 25, 2019

URI 1st page

this is the first page of my project

Sunday, February 24, 2019

net art citations Image Research
Beverly J Williams
Citations for Images


Heaven has

t-shirt image adamantly indecisive

Esoterically face image

Esoterically the hanged man

Esoterically Quote

Esoterically Thinking

Devilishly Alf

Devilishly Good Cupcake

Devilishly Phantasy Star



Menacingly Black Cat

Menacingly dog and cat stare down

Menacingly white cat

Menacingly The hitman’s bodyguard

Giddily skull santa hat

Giddily judge

Giddily Richard Armitage British actor

Pinkish Bunting diagonal pattern

Pinkish Bunting

Pinkish bunting
2 color palette

Pinkish bunting
Pinkish landscape

Luckless Coriander

Luckless Coriander
Coriander seeds

Baluster Gypsy roma gypsies

Baluster Gypsy gypsy princess

Baluster Gypsy wagon

Baluster Gypsy porch baluster

Baluster Gypsy baluster

Commemorative Hafnium hafnium

Commemorative Hafnium lump of hafnium

Commemorative Hafnium hafnium pronunciation

lessons learned in life

purple quote fancy

crazy nasholes

Nicholson finger gif finger gif

barking dog gif

net art research words and phrases

Netart Research words and phrases



VERB (Intransitive)



PHRASES adjective-noun
Asymmetric Peonage
Pinkish Bunting
Luckless Coriander
Isomorphic Mildness
Impecunious Mogul
Baluster Gypsy
Splotched Demagogy
Commemorative Hafnium
Perceptual Pantheon
Squishiest Wader
Inhabitable Pentathlon

PHRASES noun-adjective
rodent glaring
refrigerator consecrated
corset incongruous
caviar acquainted
pumice thorny
prognosis whitewashed
kidnapper alienated
gingerbread memorial
chill lateral
crocus congregate

inhumanely alphabetizing
compactly overpopulating
downstage disbar
sickeningly remarrying
straightaway oversimplify
problematically prefabricate
decadently engorge
uncompromisingly controvert
thematically antedated
inquisitively deputed

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Collaboration and participation

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Friday, February 15, 2019

I am not sure if anyone else is feeling a bit overwhelmed by our next assignment. I was at first. Now after studying html tags and what they do, I am still a bit overwhelmed.
The only way I know to acomplish the goal of producing the project is to keep studying, asking questions, and doing.
So, that is what I am doing.
I do think it is cool we can build our own website and UWF will host it.

Why Art on the Web is not

Beverly J Williams

Why Art on the Web is not

            Once upon a time you could enjoy art only by visiting museums, exhibitions or going to a gallery. Today art on the Web can be found in numerous forms, such as: interactive audio, network performances, graphic design sites, Pinterest, and web sites. There are web sites, some of which contain mind blowing graphics, flash movies, and images. These web sites are not If a person decides to create their own web page, they have not created  Online places that allow you to show images of your artwork, in order to sell it, is not Those are just a few things that is not. A better understanding of what is will help in determining the difference.
Credit for the term was created somewhere around the mid 1990’s by Vuk Cosic. A specific definition is difficult, at best, to pin down. It may be easier to explain some more of what it is not. It is not email, twitter, software projects, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, websites, or the internet. sometimes uses the internet as its material. often gets its material from websites or other sites on the internet.  Net specific defines as a site-specific art form bound to its own presence and impact on the internet. Well, that cleared up what is. Still scratching your head on the different between art on the web and describes as a wide range of works created by artists using web browsers, developer codes, scripts, search engines, and various other online tools. artists use gif animations, gif images, html, images mined from other sources, webcams, QuickTime, JavaScript, mp3 streams, flash, Linux and more for their artistic creations. One can achieve a better understanding of what is by knowing what artists use to produce it.
So, maybe the best way to define would be art that is made specifically to be viewed on the internet, from sources mined from the internet, and coding for the internet. A way to describe art on the web could be a place on the internet where one can show their artworks.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Reading Response 2-09-2019 Rhizome Net Anthology

Beverly J Williams
Reading Response Rhizome Net Anthology
Chapter 1 1984-1998 due 2-11-2019

            In main page of Form Art by Alexei Shulgin 1997, I recognize numerous characteristics of an html page. The web page consists of headers, body, images, and links. Shulgin’s use of a simplistic geometric rectangular shape and color for this project provides the viewer with a pleasant experience. An allover soft grey is gentle to the eye yet illuminating of the inserted words and images. Some of them almost seem to just off the page. There is repetition in the use of rectangles for the text boxes, images, and links, and they also provide a shift in scale. Hierarchy for the text is achieved using different size and style of the fonts. Pulling your eye quickly to different areas is achieved by the minimal color usage. The negative space throughout the work helps to create overall image and enhance the space. Upon entering the view work page there was some exasperation on the 
non-working aspects of the work.
            Mez Breeze’s Mezangelle appears to be produced using html. It has headers, a body, inserted images and links. The background, or negative space color of a medium limeish green is distracting and hard on the eyes after viewing the page for a short period of time. My initial reaction to the work is not to view it in its entirety due to this color usage. A choice of a different background or negative space color, in my opinion, is necessary to keep the viewer engaged.  The variety of rectangular boxes provides repletion and a certain unity to the piece. Using varying front sizes brings attention to items of importance.
            Floodnet, Electronic Disturbance Theater also appears to be a html document. It uses headers, a body, inserted images, and links. The background color of a medium green allows the viewer to remain engaged with the work. The first image has a textural quality and overlay of images and words that create a more three-dimensional appearance and builds a more immersive world within the image. The scale of the geometric shape pushes it forward into your face. The variation of font sizes directs your attention to items of noteworthiness. There is a harmony throughout the entire work. By continuing to reload pages caused the desired disruption.
            Automatic Rain by Jodi 1995’s html page offers the viewer a playful experience. The page appears as a working Netscape file with some of the attributes not available to the viewer. Moving through the art is just a click away sending you to another link. One observes a repetition of cool blue numbers randomly appearing and disappearing. The black negative space provides an emphasis to the numbers. The next page of cool color raindrops on a pane of glass uses variation of size of the drops and a translucency provided by the glass. After being cooled down by the two previous color schemes, the last page wreaks havoc on the eyes with its bright warm analogous colors and flashing text.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

GIF reading response 2-3-2019

                              GIF reading response due 2-4-2019
                                        Beverly Williams

Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) is older then the web itself. It allows someone to create a image file, from static images and have those images move. GIF’s are a limited file size format which belongs to no one, therefore they belong to everyone. This lack of ownership has allowed for these to survive. GIFs creation has evolved from relatively simple loops, used to keep your attention while a web page loaded, to very complex ones which are capable of transfixing the viewer.

The very early GIFs are difficult to locate as many of the beginning websites are no longer up and running. The early animated GIF exhibitions, from the early 2000’s unfortunately, are not around anymore either. They have given way to more complex ones and more artist are using the platform for their creations. The fact that these sites are no longer around makes it difficult to put together the artists who used this platform for their creations. Cory Arcangel is an artist that isolated and captured the clouds from the early Mario Brothers game. He used them to create and GIF of just the clouds passing by and later used them in an art exhibition. Simple Net Art Diagram allowed other to participate in the animation. It wanted other artist to manipulate the image addressing where art is created.

        Collaboration and participation of artist using GIF’s has grown exponentially through the use of social media. There are more blogs than ever before that encourage artist to participate in the use of the images that are available, for free. This allows for a more diverse layering of GIFs. Recently, there is a power grab. Newer networks are popping up with their own versions of looping images. Some sites have put limits on the file sizes and resolutions which can be placed in their domain. In doing so the imagination and creativity of artists is dampened. Yet, the artist will prevail as they find new ways to display their works. Some really great works are popping up all over the internet. GIF is currently being used on web pages, Facebook, twitter, dating sites, by popular singers, and the everyday person. Some of them can make people physically ill. Some of them are disgusting while other are humorous. The possibilities for creation are endless.

        I believe that the versatility of the GIF allows for the creation of a work that is unique. I am in my early stages of growth using digital media. As an artist I see a plethora of possible uses. Time is the only thing that can hold me back. Imagination is my friend. I can see that the use of many images, using transparency layers will allow me to create a work that will transfix the viewer. The fact the GIF is not static, the only drawback I see with GIF, is the places that one can display their work. I am sure that the real of possibilities for display is opening up. There are a number of museums that are currently, or will in the future, be doing exhibitions of this timeless media. Hopefully GIF will not be lost.

Friday, February 1, 2019







In class I raised my hand in response to the question who has built a webpage.

Well, I used Go Daddy to build a web page, and they provided templates for web construction.

I have never built a web page in html.

Another language to learn.

It is an exciting challenge.